Let’s get the preliminaries out of the way: my name is Scott Buchanan, and I am a young Christian living in Melbourne (that’s in Australia, for any international readers). I am 25 years old, attend a local Pentecostal church, and am interested a wide array of subjects: theology, history, politics and philosophy. To some, these may be nothing more than personal pursuits that enrich their own lives and deepen their knowledge of the world. To be sure, such branches of knowledge enrich my life and lead to a greater understanding of the world. However, together, they constitute aspects of my vocation – ways of engaging with the world according to the calling Christ has given me.

With that in mind, I humbly offer you my reflections on various arenas of life. Here, you will find pieces on theology, politics, cultural issues and the like. Although this blog is wide-ranging, all the articles and essays you will find here are united by a common, underlying theme: they all flow out of my deeply-held conviction that the Christian’s life is meant to impact and transform the surrounding world in some measure; and that biblical wisdom is meant, not simply for those who already happen to believe, but for all people. Jesus has called all of us to be salt and light in this world. My efforts as a writer attempt to obey that calling.