The Tragedy of Queensland’s Floods

Over the past days and weeks, I have watched with dismay and horror as Queensland has been lashed by nature’s fury. So, I thought it necessary to offer some remarks over the coming days and weeks regarding this calamity. For now, I can only say that I will pray for God’s protection and ask that he would move during this time. Although it may be of scant comfort to those who have lost so much, I want to assure people that the Creator God is also the Redeemer God. He is the one who has triumphed over every manifestation of brokenness and sin, of corruption and decay. He is the one who has paved the way for a world where pain and suffering are not known, and in this we may be encouraged. Floods may have inundated parts of Queensland recently – causing great harm and anguish – but for those who place their faith in what God has accomplished through Jesus, there will eventually come a time where such hardships, of whatever kind, will vanish completely.  

We may not see that triumph in the present, but we know that God has achieved it through the death of his own Son, Jesus – verily God and verily man, the perfect human and the embodiment of divine wisdom. However, through Christ’s life, ministry, death and resurrection, God has not only made a way for sin’s defeat (and with it, the redemption of the world); he has also experienced humanity in the most intimate of ways, even to the point of giving up his own life. Thus, to those who may be wondering why this has happened, all I can say (at this point, anyway) is that we Christians follow a god who is not distant or aloof, nor impassable or unmoved by the suffering of his creation. He actually knows what it is to suffer, because he himself has experienced it as one of us. That, too, is a comfort.

Stay tuned for further posts on the question of evil, suffering and God.

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